Always Award

Always Award Photograph-WOW

The Always Award is designed to develop independent learners, further improve the progress the children make and to engage all parents/carers even more in the child’s education; it will reward children who are consistently showing responsibility by being prepared for the school day.

Throughout the week, our Learning Support Assistants will record whether children are maintaining high standards. Combined with children’s attendance and punctuality records, the children will be able to work towards achieving the Always Award. The class with the most Always Points will be announced in achievement assembly every Friday and the children with the most Always Points will be invited on a special school trip at the end of the year. We would be grateful if parents could continue to support children by helping with homework and gathering equipment at home, whilst ensuring their attendance and punctuality is the best it can be.

This is an award for children who:

  • Always have 96% or better attendance and punctuality (no more than 4% late marks).
  • Always wear the correct uniform and have the correct P.E. kit.
  • Read at least three times each week and have the diary signed each time the child has read.
  • Complete homework on time each week, to the expected standard. This includes learning spellings that are sent home for homework. Children must get a yellow or green score in their spelling test (10-15) AND complete their homework on time to the expected standard to receive their Always Award point for homework.
  • Always follow the Children’s Responsibilities and not be placed on the ‘Cloud’ or be put on a detention.

Always Award Celebration Day

On Friday 7th July, all the children who had achieved their Always Award over the year took part in a celebration day. Have a look at the photographs below to share our day.

Class Winners 2017

Over the year, classes have been collating their Always Points and the overall class winners were…. Year 6!

100% of the children won their Always Point each week and went to Haigh Hall for a fun packed day of activities including, high ropes, orienteering, clay crafts and use of the new playground and had a fabulous time. Have a look at the photos below to see how much fun they had!

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Golden Always Award

  • At the end of each half term, your child will be sent homework for over the holidays.
  • If the homework is sent back on time and completed to the expected standard, your child will be awarded a Golden Always Award Point.
  • If your child earns all of the Golden Always Award Points on offer throughout the year, they will earn their ‘Golden Always Award’.
  • This is an extra-special badge, which will of course be gold and will be presented to your child during the Summer Term of 2018.
  • To earn the ‘Golden Always Award 2018’, you must have also earned the ‘Always Award 2018’.
  • The winners of the ‘Golden Always Award 2018’ will receive an extra-special treat, as they will have shown such ambition and pride over the school year, both during term time and during the school holidays. We hope all our children achieve both awards.