‘Behaviour at Golborne Community Primary School – An outstanding improvement!’

We wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the fantastic improvements which have taken place in school, with the children’s behaviour across school.  The consistent approach to our Positive Discipline Policy helps our children to learn in a safe, helpful, friendly environment. Positive behaviour is encouraged at all times and the full support of parents/carers has helped with our improvements. Children are rewarded for displaying outstanding behaviour and this is acknowledged by all staff in the school.

The introduction of the ‘School Pride Award’ has helped to further improve our wonderful children’s behaviour in school, in particular when they are lining up to come back into school after playtime and dinner times. The competition between each class is really getting exciting, as each class hopes to gain an extra point towards the ‘School Pride Award’.

What is the Impact?

The following figures outline the improvements made over time, including a reduction in the number of exclusions, incidents of bullying and racial incidents.

Behaviour Tables

Please remember that if you do have any concerns regarding your child’s behaviour in school please see your child’s class teacher at the end of the school day or make an appointment to see them via the school office.

As you can see we have a ‘zero-tolerance’ towards extreme behaviour as every child has the right to a safe and high quality education.

Thank you for your continued support.