Year 5


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Our Class

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Curriculum Information

Our Key Skills topic for the Summer Term is

‘Savvy Stone Age and Barmy Bronze Age’.

All of our work will be centered on this topic. In history we will be studying Stone Age history, researching how we know so much about the Stone Age due to the evidence that scientists and archaeologists have found. In Geography we will research the archaeological site of Skara Brae where remains of a Stone Age dwelling was discovered. We will look in detail at cave paintings and identify what they tell us about how the Ancient Britons lived.

In Literacy we will be writing our own diary entries as archaeologists and Stone Age children, as well as writing accounts on how Bear Grylls might survive the Stone Age.

Important Information

  • The new Year 5’s will go swimming on Friday afternoon.
  • Homework will be handed out on a Friday and will be collected in on a Wednesday. There will be times that we set homework through Education City. If you are accessing Education City on a mobile device such as a tablet or a Smartphone, you may need to download  the ‘Puffin Web Browser’ App and access Education City through this. It is a free App, which will allow the site to run smoothly.
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  • We have spelling tests on a Friday and we will have times tables tests every day.
  • Reading should be carried out every day to help your child to improve. If they read at least 3 times a week, the children will receive a point towards their Always Award.