What is Coaching?

‘Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them learn rather than teaching them.’

Why use Coaching?

  • We want to develop every child to be independent and lead their own learning.
  • To further raise the standards in school, so everyone has the ability to achieve or exceed their goals (children and staff).
  • To develop leaders at every level in school, so everyone can lead their own development even more, plus lead effective teams.

‘Coaching enables individuals and teams to develop and flourish, to take responsibility for their own learning and to achieve their goals.’

The GROW Model

Goal (Knowing the outcome of a lesson or session as well as for the short and long term)

Reality (Where are you now, what can you use to help you reach the outcome or goal?)

Options (What are the next steps? What options do you have to reach the outcome or goal?)

What is to be done (What is do be done?)

The GROW Model in Action

Each class made a video to explain how we use the GROW model in school every day. Click on the links below to have a look at Nursery and Year 4’s videos:

Nursery GROW Model part 1

Nursery GROW Model part 2

Year 4 GROW Model

How do we use Coaching at Golborne Community Primary School?

At Golborne Community Primary School, we believe that all children have unlimited potential to be the best that they can be.

We use coaching as a key to enable children to unlock this potential and develop the belief that they can achieve their goals. By taking responsibility for their own learning, children can understand the skills needed to move their learning forward and acquire reasoning skills to explain how they learn best.

Promoting ‘Outstanding’ Learning

  • Coaching enables children to learn from their own mistakes and rise to the challenges they are set every day in the classroom. They become ambitious themselves.
  • It allows the children to be resilient and independently drive their own learning, using the confidence they have gained from high quality teaching and modelling.
  • Finding ‘Flow’: this is the optimal level at which anyone operates and therefore deliver the best outcomes.

Four Qualities of Coaching

  • A desire to make a difference to school improvement and children’s lives.
  • A commitment to professional learning.
  • A belief in the abilities of others (everyone can achieve).
  • A commitment to developing emotional intelligence.

Promoting ‘Outstanding’ Behaviour

Asking coaching questions, so children lead their own behaviour:

  • What would the best choice be now?
  • What are you going to do, to find the answer?
  • Where should you be now?
  • If you knew the answer, what would it be?
  • What could you use to help you?
  • Is that the best decision to make?