Assertive Mentoring

Assertive Mentoring

In September 2014 we introduced a new system called ‘Assertive Mentoring’ from Y1-Y6.

What is Assertive Mentoring (AM)?

It is a way of assessing the progress of each child and setting targets for improvement.

The Aims of Assertive Mentoring are:
– to raise standards for all.
– to motivate and involve children in their learning.
– to inform and involve parents, so they can help in their child’s learning and understand the progress their child is making.

The advantages of the system:

Assertive Mentoring brings together lots of the amazing things we already do at our school to help our children be their best, then it goes that extra step to help them improve further! It is about celebrating your child’s positive achievements, behaviour and attitude to learning and focusing them on what they need to do to progress. It is easy for children, parents and teachers to use and understand. It helps you to know what you can do as a parent to help them progress at school – after all, we all want our children to be their best.


Your child has a record of the different areas of maths and writing which they can currently do and areas of learning on which are currently working. They have this list of learning objectives at the front of their Maths and Literacy books. If they can do an objective, there is a X by it (we say that they have the X Factor for this particular criteria!); if your child needs support with an objective then there is a /next to it, finally if your child needs more practise at an objective, or the objective has not yet been taught, then there is a . by it.


Reading Stage 5 Pupil Record

Stage 20 Example Reading Assessment

PPT to introduce AM to parents

Maths Stage 2 Pupil Record

Example Stage 2 Maths Assessment