Y1-Y2 Educational Trip to Al-Rahma Mosque Liverpool

Many thanks to our wonderful parent helpers who supported KS1 children on their trip to the Al-Rahma Mosque in Liverpool. Everybody had a fantastic morning learning about Islam and were made to feel very welcome.

The children had the opportunity to dress up, handle different artefacts and some children even got the chance to be news reporters!

When asked what they thought went well about the trip, one of our parent helpers quoted:

“It was very well organised in the Mosque, everything was explained clearly and the children being allowed to take a look around was fab!”

Take a look at the photographs of our visit:

Judaism Assembly

On Tuesday 17th January, Ann Angel visited our school to talk to us about the Jewish Faith. She shared lots of information and showed us some Jewish artefacts that are used on the Jewish day of rest, Shabbat.

Take a look at the photographs of our assembly:

KS1 and LKS2 Educational trip to St. Thomas’ Church

KS1 and LKS2 visited St Thomas’ Church where Reverend Reed gave all the children a fantastic insight into the church and about the religion of Christianity. The children were able to ask questions about what they could see around the church and Reverend Reed explained the history behind each item, for example, shields, the stain glass windows, pews and the cross. The children were able to have a closer look at the font, stain glass windows, organ, cross and some pictures. The children really enjoyed their visit and this will help them to extend their knowledge.

Have a look at the photographs of their visit below:

Buddhist Talk

The School Nursery and Year 1 welcomed a visit from Mrs Duncan who follows the religion of Buddhism. She played a video for the children to explain briefly the beliefs within the religion and then she introduced the children to a Buddha and what their role is. She explained that there are seven bowls they place on a table and each bowl represents something, alongside a candle and incense. The children also got to ring a bell, they learnt when they ring it and how to worship the Buddha. The children were able to ask questions about what they could see and have a closer look at and handle some of the objects associated with the religion of Buddhism.

Have a look at the photographs below:

KS1 and KS2 Jehovah Witness Assembly

KS1 and KS2 had a great opportunity of meeting our visitors and a fantastic insight into the religion. The children had questions prepared that they wanted to ask to gather more information. The children listened to a range of interactive stories speaking about what their religion is and what they believe in.

Kevin from the Kingdom Hall said ‘the children are a great credit to all the hard work that the teachers and assistants have put in. We were very impressed at the involvement of the children in wanting to comment and ask us questions, also the respect and the behaviour of the children was wonderful to see. It’s also good to see that our own children are in a school that works hard to educate them in diverse activities of those in our community and around the world’.

Have a look at the photographs below:

LOGOS Art Project

Before the summer holidays the whole school and community produced a fantastic Diversity display as part of the LOGOS Art Project. There was a competition within school to see who could write the best caption to be displayed underneath the Diversity picture on a plaque, which demonstrates Diversity within our school. We would like to congratulate Jacob in Y6 on winning this!


Islam Assembly

The whole school got to experience a fantastic opportunity when Naveed Hussian came into school from ‘The Wigan Islamic Centre’ and discuss his religion of Islam. He began to discuss his religion with the children looking at the Prophets, 5 pillars of Islam and Mosques from around the world.

He then showed the children the Qur’an, a prayer mat and even showed the children how he prays five times a day and the words he recites. He left the children a very thoughtful gift which was the Qur’an in English.

The children and staff really enjoyed his visit and this will help them to extend their knowledge further.

Have a look at the photographs below: