The children in Early Years learn by accessing a variety of activities in the continuous provision areas.

The areas in the classrooms are:


Small World

Role Play


Understanding The World

Writing Area

Creative Workshop

Reading Area

Application Station



The learning environment in Reception is constantly transformed to fit the needs of the children, using natural furniture to divide the room into purposeful areas of learning, which help to promote independence.  The children really enjoy accessing the new activities, as they can select everything they need to move their learning forwards.

Have a look at the photographs of the different indoor areas and activities below:

We also mirror many of these activities in the outdoor learning environment.  The children love taking part in messy maths and phonics garden lessons!

The outdoor area also has been updated with natural resources; we now have even more exciting activities such as the mud kitchen, messy maths, learning hubs and a phonics garden.

Have a look at the photographs of the different outdoor areas and activities below: