2014/15 Gallery

Playground Markings

Earlier this year, we asked the children to come up with some designs for new playground markings. We wanted the children to have even more fun at playtimes and lunchtimes, while learning at the same time.

The children came up with some fabulous ideas, many of which can also be used in outdoor lessons as they have maths and literacy links. Well done to all of the children involved: everyone is enjoying the markings and using them to learn and have fun! Here’s what the children think:

“I think the new markings are brilliant because they make the playground so much fun. I like the racing lanes the best.”
…Shinead Meakin, Year 5

“I love our new playground. We can do more exercise and I like learning sounds using the Phonic Frog!”
…Mia Crossley, Year 2

“I really like our playground markings because we can learn and have fun at the same time.”
…Aaron Fleming, Year 1

Leavers’ Assembly

Our fantastic Year 6 pupils ended their primary school journey and prepared to make a fresh start at secondary school. The Leavers’ Assembly was amazing, with not a dry eye in the house!

The children were first awarded with Rotary Club prizes; two Y1 children won an art award and Y6’s Tyrese Robinson received the Rotary Club’s award after doing so brilliantly in school through a difficult year for his family. Well done Tyrese!

Then Mr Hunt awarded the children 100 per cent attendance awards, and Y1’s Harvey won the school’s first 300 merits badge.

Year 6 then took over, presenting a fantastic Family Fortunes-style survey which revealed some of their best (and most embarrassing!) moments at Golborne with some very touching songs performed too.

We also said goodbye to some members of staff: Mr Richardson, Mrs Nicolson, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Caswell.

Good luck from us all at Golborne and best wishes for the future!

Be Seen In Green

In July 2015 we held a charity day and coffee morning for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where everyone was invited to wear green – their charity’s colour.

One of our parents, Mrs Young, brought the charity to our attention and we raised lots of money which will go towards the children’s Cancer Ward.

Thanks to everyone for their cakes and to parents for both attending the coffee morning and making donations. Everyone looked amazing and we even had green hairstyles!

Here’s what the children had to say:

“I enjoyed coming to school in green today. We raised lots of money for the hospital.”
…Emily Southern, Year 5

“Our full school had a charity assembly and the hall looked like a bright green football pitch!”
…Luke Hampson, Year 5

Mr Hunt’s Charity Bike Ride

Banner bike ride

In August, Mr Hunt completed a charity bike ride and so far he has raised over £1,400 for the Lily Foundation. Mr Hunt and his teammates cycled approximately 170 miles, from Newcastle to Edinburgh. The Lily Foundation supports Layton Robinson-Bancroft, a pupil at our school who has developed Mitochondrial Disease. Information about the disease can be found at www.thelilyfoundation.org.uk

image[1] image[4]
image[6] image[5]

Here’s what Mr Hunt had to say after the ride:

“Ride completed and what a fantastic challenge! Luckily we had the weather and experienced a beautiful part of the country. We stopped off in Bamburgh and Coldington on the way to Edinburgh. Great places! The ride was a mixture of sand, marshland, dirt tracks and roads.

“Thanks to everyone for their support and donations! The Lily Foundation are made up and so will Layton. The aches and pains are all worth it and it is great to see so many people still donating!”

image[7] image

The Lily Foundation helps fund research into Mitochondrial Disease and other metabolic disorders, the training of medical teams and support for families of children who are stricken with metabolic disorders. The Lily Foundation was founded in Lily’s memory, having lost her battle to Mitochondrial Disease at just eight months old. The charity aims to give hope, answers and support to the many other children and families that face the challenges of this disease today.

If you would still like to make a donation here is the link: www.justgiving.com/Mr-Hunt

Golborne’s Got Talent

Banner Golborne's Got Talent

… and they did!It all began back in January, when we auditioned over 60 eager and enthusiastic pupils, from Year 1 right through to Year 6. After an amazing turn out at the auditions, we managed to choose 15 Acts for our Final – a total of 37 talented children from across the school. Rehearsals took place whenever and wherever possible – at home, school, in classrooms at lunchtimes, in the playground. There wasn’t a lot of time, but our capable cast were determined to create an awesome line-up…

World Book Day

Banner World Book Day

Thursday 5th March 2015 was World Book Day. We had everyone from Cruella de Vil to Willy Wonka in school. Staff and children enjoyed talking about their favourite books and it was great to see some stars of non-fiction texts too.

Our Reception children went to Golborne Library, and here’s what the librarian had to say about their behaviour:

“We have just had YR visit us for a pirate themed World Book Day story and craft session. We wanted to say that we have thoroughly enjoyed the visit once again. The children’s behaviour is exemplary and it is so nice to see their enthusiasm about books and the general library environment. We ended the visit with a game played in pairs with one winning pair, and not one of the children showed any sign of disappointment when they were ‘out’ – they show excellent sportsmanship! The children conduct themselves in a very calm manner and clearly have enormous respect for Mrs Clancy and Miss Atwood.”

What did the children think?

“I enjoyed dressing up as Ben from Gangster Granny because David Walliams is my favourite author. It was a really fun day”… Morgan Costello, Year 5

“The best part of World Book Day was dressing up as the Joker from Batman. I told my jokes to the class and I wrote about my book in the literacy lesson.”… Danny Else, Year 3

“I liked it when we had our World Book Day assembly because I enjoyed looking at all of the different costumes. My favourite costumes were Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.” …Emil Atkin Year 1

  If you would like to know more about World Book Day, the website is www.worldbookday.com

Speke Hall

Banner Speke Hall

Classes 2, 2/1 and 1 all went to Speke Hall over the course of two days. Both trips were fantastic and we had the opportunity to look around the grounds and inside Speke Hall. We found out a lot of information about who built different parts of the house and the materials used. Did you know that cow poo was used to build houses? Also, we found out about Tudor clothing and the fact that boys wore dresses until they were six! All children had a thoroughly fantastic day and learnt a lot.

What did the children think?

“It was fun and exciting. We went in the Great Hall, it was amazing.” … Grace Holder

“It was fantastic.” Katielee Lamb

“I really loved the trip because the ladder to the priest’s hidden room was awesome.” … Matthew Bleakley

“It was so fantastic.” … Hayley Slater

“I enjoyed looking outside at Speke Hall. We found a hidden spy hole and you could see this from inside too. It was brilliant.” … Hannah Banks

Quarry Bank Mill

In June 2015, Lower Key Stage 2 went on a trip back in time to Quarry Bank Mill in Styal, Cheshire. The mill had working machines and we saw the cotton-making process in action.

We visited the Apprentices’ House, where children from nine years old would live while they worked at the mill. The children were given a Victorian-style lesson from “Mrs Shawcross” and got to make the beds in the room which 60 girls shared.

The children had a fabulous time and learned so much to enhance their Key Skills topic, Pits and Mills.

PTDC0026 PTDC0743 PTDC0032

MOSI trip

The KS1 children had a fabulous trip to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry in June 2015, as part of their “It’s Good to Talk” topic. As usual, the children displayed exemplary behaviour, which makes us all extremely proud. Well done to all 82 of our amazing KS1 children!

Also, without the super support of our parent/carer volunteers, the trip wouldn’t have been possible. Therefore, we would like to thank you all for your help on the day.

a (13) PTDC0138 a

McMillan Coffee Morning

Banner Macmillan coffee morning

On Friday 26th September we held our coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Staff, parents and children donated cakes and biscuits and made decorations to raise a grand total of £256.65. Thank you to all who attended donated and helped. A special thank you to Ada’s Sweet Place, who donated a fabulous chocolate cake, which was raffled to raise extra money.

Mrs S Dickinson

Class Teacher

Extended Schools Leader

Library Visits

library visit banner

In June 2015, Year 2 and 1 visited Golborne Library as part of their transport theme. They also looked at the Year 4/3 Pits and Mills display.

In the Spring term, Golborne Library invited our children to attend workshops. Year 4 and 5 learned about the Wigan rugby team and their First World War heroics, while Reception experienced a pirate-themed story and craft session on World Book Day.

Year 2 and 2/1 enjoyed visits to Golborne Library as part of their science topic, Nocturnal Animals. They thoroughly enjoyed reading a wide range of non-fiction books researching about nocturnal animals, creating a crafty owl and taking part in a quiz to understand how the library is organised. The children have loaned a whole box of books and are looking forward to reading them to further research about different night time animals.

Let’s Sing!

Banner Let's Sing!

Let’s Sing! is an inspirational vocal project for Wigan schools, which was set up by Wigan Council’s Music Service. The organisers group together primary and secondary schools across the borough – our school is part of the LOGOS Schools group.

For three months each school practises the same songs and the Let’s Sing! concert, which is free for parents to attend, brings together the local choirs to sing in unison.

Our choir were proud to represent the school at the concert, which was held at Robin Park Sports Centre. The children, from across Key Stage 2 and led by Mrs Browning, had a fantastic day rehearsing and performing songs.

Here’s what some of the children had to say about Let’s Sing!:

“It was a very loud day! I had so much fun. I think singing in a choir is important because it helps you to advance in music – some children might want to be musicians when they grow up. It helps me to feel calm and I enjoy it. Let’s Sing allowed children to represent Lowton and Golborne really well and it wasn’t just about us: it was about the people who made it happen too.”…Keira Molyneux, Year 5

“We all knew the songs well because we practised so much in choir – over an hour every week. My favourite song was We Will Rock You because we took turns in singing different parts. I also enjoyed having tea all together in the big hall!”…Katie Oasgood, Year 6

Junior Chef Academy

Banner Junior Chef Academy


“I liked it because of the science involved.” …. Oscar Woodcock Y6/5

“I liked the colourful milk.” …. Noah Forster Y2

“I like Chefs’ Academy because I like cooking.” …. Mia Crossley Y2

“I liked it because we did different experiments and the chef was funny.” …. Casey Holden Y6

“Good education about healthy and nutritious foods.” …. Millie Livesey Y6

Jimmy the Miner

In May 2015 we were lucky enough to have a special visitor, Jimmy Winstanley. Jimmy visited the Year 3 and 4 children as part of their Key Skills topic, pits and mills. The children had been learning all about the local industries in Wigan and the rest of the north west so were very excited to speak to a real-life miner.

Jimmy had been on hand to join the search and rescue team during the Golborne colliery disaster in 1979. He told us about the dangers of coal mining and showed us how heavy his equipment was.

The children loved hearing first-hand reports of life down the pit and asked some excellent questions.

PTDC0678 PTDC0679
PTDC0677 PTDC0676


Crucial Crew

Year 5 pupils visited the Wigan Life Centre in June 2015, to take part in Crucial Crew to learn some important life skills. The children took part in seven scenarios including road safety, anti-social behaviour, NHS’s recovery position and recycling. They learned a lot and received a helpful activity pack to take home!

Here’s what the children had to say about their day:

“I really enjoyed the session on road safety because we had to find clues and act as detectives”… Harvey Bryer, Year 5

“My favourite activity was the one on anti-social behaviour. It was really interesting and fun”… Abbie Hooton, Year 5

IMG_0400 IMG_0392 IMG_0405

Condover Hall


Children from Years 5 and 6 visited Condover Hall for a two-night residential in June 2015. They took part in a number of outdoor activities at the Elizabethan residential activity centre in Shropshire.

Miss Browne reported that their behaviour was exemplary, with many of the children facing their fears and taking part in some thrilling exercises from abseiling to cart building. Well done to all who took part!

Comic Relief – Funny Faces

Benner Comic Relief

On Red Nose Day, children and teachers made their faces funny to raise money for people in the UK and Africa. After assemblies on why the money was needed and how it was spent, the children made a great effort to paint cheery cheeks, wear wacky wigs and pull funny faces!

Here’s what our children had to say about the day:

“Everyone looked so funny. One of the girls had a beard! The money goes to charity – some children live outside at the side of the road with cars driving right past them”… Connor Koppel, Year 4

“I thought Comic Relief Day was really good because at dinner time, in the hall when we saw everyone together, it looked amazing!”… Kian Power, Year 4

Coal Mining Display

PTDC0087 IMG_0990 IMG_0994

As part of their key skills theme, Pits and Mills, Year 3 and 4 completed a project at home. They were asked to find out and present information about coal mining in the local area. Lots of children wrote fascinating reports, drew pictures and made models to show why mining is so important to Golborne.

The projects are currently on display in Golborne library (Summer 2015) so catch them while you can!

Church Visit

church visit banner

Year 2 and 2/1 enjoyed a lovely visit to St. Thomas’s Church as part of their RE topic, ‘Celebrating Our Differences’. They found out all about the history of the church, all the special artefacts within church and about the Christian religion. Reverend Reed took the children on a tour of the church and they had the opportunity to draw, in their sketch books, the outside of the church. The children learnt a lot and were very well behaved. They are looking forward to writing about their visit in their RE lessons.

Chester Museum

Banner Chester

In March, Lower Key Stage 2 headed off to Chester where Roman warriors took us around the historic city.

The children’s understanding of the Roman Empire, which they have been studying in our Key Skills topic ‘Sandals, Swords and Operas’, was greatly enhanced by the trip.

It was a great opportunity to look at exciting artefacts and relics in the DEVA museum (including armour and clothing) and also to look around the historic city of Chester, especially at the Roman Walls and amphitheatre.

The children’s behaviour was excellent and they made the teachers very proud!

Here’s what our children wrote about the trip, in their Key Skills books:

“Crasher took us around Chester. It was called Dewa in Roman times and Britain was called Britannia.”…Cain Muir, Year 3

“I enjoyed wearing the black dress because it was beautiful and spotty. I t was the best day of my life!”…Ellie Edge, Year 3

Blackpool Zoo

Banner Blacpool Zoo

Year 1 and 2’s topic work this term is ‘Why Can’t Meerkats Live in the North Pole?’ and the trip to Blackpool Zoo aimed to enhance the children’s understanding of nocturnal animals.

The children were very excited to see the huge range of animals at the zoo and their behaviour was excellent. We played on the playground and ate our yummy packed lunches which we had brought from school.

Here’s what they had to say about the trip:

“We went on a double decker bus and it took 45 minutes to get there. When we got there we saw penguins, monkeys, gorillas, sea lions and giraffes!”…Harley Lloyd, Year 2/1

“The bus had comfy seats. The seals were my favourite animal because they were sunbathing outside!
We played on the park and had cheese butties outside. The seagulls tried to eat them!”
…Katie-Lee Lamb, Year 2/1

Be a Hero – Children in Need

Banner Superheroes

Friday 14th November was Children In Need day. This year’s Children In Need theme was Be A Hero. In school we dressed up as range of heroes to show our support for the event. We all paid a donation and raised lots of money for a fantastic cause.

As you can see from our fantastic photographs we had lots of amazing costumes including batmen, supermen, soldiers and doctors.