2016/17 Gallery

Fun Science

In September, ‘Mad Scientist Jackie’ came to visit our school. She showed us lots of amazing scientific experiments. We made predictions ¬†about what would happen when Jackie mixed different materials.

Jackie even showed us how the force of air could make objects move and look like they defied gravity!!

Have a look at the fun we had in the photographs below.

Key Strings

On Wednesday 12th October 2016, Key Strings visited our school to demonstrate a variety of musical instruments. We enjoyed listening to live music played on lots of different instruments such as violin, cello, guitars and double bass; we even got to listen to some really ancient instruments like the lyre!

Have a look at some of the photographs of the afternoon:

Fire Service

We had a visit from the fire service on October 20th and they spoke to us about keeping ourselves safe. They told us about the dangers we could encounter during Halloween, as some costumes may be flammable, especially around candle lit pumpkins!

They also explained the firework code so we can ensure that we are all safe around fireworks on Bonfire Night.

As well as Halloween and Bonfire night, the fire service also told us about the importance of having smoke alarms in our houses to keep us safe at home. We even got to have a look around a fire engine! Have a look at some of the photographs of their visit below.


On the 31st October, our school was taken over by ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, witches and wizards. To celebrate Halloween, children and staff came to school in fancy dress and took part in some spooky lessons. Check out our fantastic costumes below:


Our Year 6 and Reception children have ‘buddied’ up. Year 6 spent a lovely afternoon with our smaller children reading and sharing books. Have a look at the photographs below:

LKS2 Trip to Dewa Roman Museum

On Tuesday 28th March, LKS2 invaded Chester! They visited the Dewa museum and paraded the streets of Chester as Roman Soldiers. They learnt about how Roman Soldiers trained and fought in the amphitheatre, before visiting the museum to find out what life was like in Roman Chester. Have a look at the photographs of their fantastic day below: