Governors Who’s Who

Schools are run by a board of School Governors working together with staff to help ensure the very best education for all of the pupils. School Governors are volunteers from all walks of life, with a wide variety of knowledge and skills who challenge and support the headteacher.

The School Governors are a team of people who work closely with Mr Hunt to support key decisions, which are vital to the successful running of our school. The Governors appoint the Head Teacher and make decisions that directly affect the education and well-being of the children. They play an important role in improving standards throughout the school by supporting and challenging the headteacher, as well as agreeing the school’s budget. They are split into two sub-committees, Resources and Standards.

Parent Governors are elected by the parents of children in the school. Co-opted Governors are co-opted by the governing body. Staff Governors are appointed by members of staff. The Associate Member is invited to attend meetings by the governing body. The Local Authority Governor is appointed by the Local Authority.

This area of the website introduces each of our Governors and informs you of their role.

More information on the role of Governors can be found on the DfE website.

The Governors’ Register of Interest can be viewed here.

Governor Monitoring Visits to School Policy

Who’s Who?

Parent Governors

Jason Leach Mrs Dean
Name Mr Leach – Chair
of Resources Committee
Mrs Dean
Area Resources Committee Resources Committee
Subject Link Literacy/ SPAG/ phonics Special Educational Needs and Disability
Class Link Y6/5 Y3
Term  04/04/15 – 03/04/19  15/07/15 – 14/07/19

Staff Governors

IMG_4519 IMG_4587
Name Mr Hunt – Headteacher Mrs Baxter- KS2 Assistant Head (Mat Leave)
Area Resources Committee and Standards Committee Standards Committee
Subject Link Senior Designated Officer for Child Protection P.E.
Class Link Y1
Term 01/04/13 – 31/03/63 12/07/16 – 12/07/20

Local Authority Governor

Yvonne Klieve
Name Councillor Klieve
Area Resources Committee
Subject Link Health & Safety

R.E./ Diversity

Class Link Y5
Term 30/10/12 – 29/10/16


Co-opted Governors

Rev J Reed David Jones Danny Norkus
Name Reverend Reed Mr Jones –
Vice-Chair of
Governing Body
Mr Norkus –
Chair of
Governing Body
Area Standards Committee  Resources Committee  Standards Committee
Subject Link Maths ICT & Computing

Pay Committee

Pupil Premium


Pay Committee

Class Link Y4/3 Y4 Class Link Y2 Class Link
Term  22/05/12 – 21/05/16 20/10/14 – 19/10/18 01/11/14 – 31/10/18
Kate Fleming IMG_4583
Name Miss Isherwood Mrs Else
Area Standards Committee   Resources Committee
Subject Link Safeguarding
and Child Protection GovernorPay Committee
Pupil Voice

Leading Parent Partnership Governor

Class Link Y6 Early Years & Y2/1
Term 01/11/14 – 31/10/18 14/11/13 – 13/11/17





Associate Member

Name Mrs N Dickinson – Deputy Headteacher
Area Resources Committee and Standards Committee
Term 22/04/14 – 21/04/18