Register of Interest

Governors Pecuniary Interests 2016/17

Governors hold important public office and their identity should be known to their school and wider community. Under new regulations (September 2015) governing bodies are required to publish the following information to help with transparency:

 Name Business Interest Personal Interest Involvement in other educational establishments Related to any other governor? Related to any school staff?
Mr J Leach None Parent No No
Mrs S Dean None Parent No No
Vacancy Parent
Mr Hunt Staff None No No
Mrs Baxter Staff None No No
Cllr Y Klieve None None No No
Rev J Reed None None No No
Mr D Jones None None No No
Mr D Norkus Staff None No No
Ms A Isherwood None None Three Towers Academy No No
Mrs Y Else Staff None No No
Mrs N Dickinson Staff None No No

All governors sign a code of conduct to which sets out the expectations of their impartiality, honesty and transparency. Signed copies are retained in the school office and can be seen on request.