We will assess our children up to 5 times throughout the academic year. We will assess our children’s abilities in Reading, Writing and Maths. This information is reported to parents during Parents’ Evenings and through each child’s annual school report.

We use this information to help us plan lessons that are interesting and relevant to our children’s abilities and needs, so that all of our children receive a quality education, which enables them to be their best.

We also assess our children daily, during their lessons. Below are ways in which we check our children’s learning:

  • Using PINK and GREEN within teacher’s marking
  • ‘Reflect and Correct’ takes place every day from 8.55 am to 9.15 am
  • Recap of previous knowledge at the start of lessons
  • Adult observation of children’s responses to questions
  • Adult observation of children on task
  • Use of success and/or differentiated criteria against lesson objectives
  • Continuous feedback through the process of the lesson
  • Self and peer assessment (spelling tests, grammar hammer tests and times tables)
  • Plenary activities
  • Marking linked to lesson objectives and giving indicators for improvement of work.

Our children receive daily feedback, so they know how well they have done and what are their next steps in learning.


In Year 2 and Year 6, our children will sit tests set by the Government, these are often referred to as ‘SATS’. The children sit their SATS test in May, the results are published nationally and we also report them to our parents. Please come and see us in school if you would like more information.

Understanding Your Child’s Progress

Age Related Expectations – this means the stage at which the Government say your child should be working at, when they are in each year group.

Early Years (Reception)

By the end of Reception, your child should achieve an ‘Expected’ level of development.

Years 1-6

‘Whichever year group your child is currently in, that is the Stage at which your child should be working within by the end of the year. So, if your child is a Year 3 child, in Y3 or Y4/3, it is expected that they will be working well within Stage 3, by the end of the year.

Each Stage is split into four sub stages, ‘Emerging’, then ‘Developing’, followed by ‘Securing’ and finally ‘Ready’. If a child is ‘Stage 3 Emerging’, then they are just starting to learn at Stage 3; if they are Stage ‘Stage 3 Securing’ then your child is working well within Stage 3.

Children in Reception and Year 1 will be learning at Stage 0 and Stage 1, progressing to Year 6 children, who will be working towards Stage 6.