Education City

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Our school has Home Access licences for Education City, which allow your child to access this fantastic resource at home using their individual logins.  Access to Education City is available via your personal computer but also extends to mobile devices and tablets if you use the free browser ‘Puffin Academy’.

Puffin Web Browser


Puffin Academy is a ‘Mobile Flash Browser’ which always enforces site-filtering by only allowing whitelisted educational websites to be accessed.


The key features of Puffin Academy are outlined below:

Free of charge to all users and educational content providers.

  • For purely educational websites only; educational content providers must apply for approval for their resource to showcase on this browser and once approved, their content is available to all users.
  • Puffin Academy is 500% faster than Safari and Chrome and also supports Flash content and videos.


To find out more information about Puffin Academy, please visit


To install the Puffin Academy browser, please go to


Once on the site, scroll down and select the ‘Puffin Academy’ version, then install the Puffin Academy browser. Once installed, go to the Puffin Academy App where you’ll find an EducationCity tile. Click on this and you’ll be directed to our standard login page, from which you can interact with Education City as per usual.

The Puffin Academy Browser App can be downloaded onto mobile devices and is also free. Using this App means that the interactive activities can be more easily accessed on mobile devices such as iPads, Smartphones and tablets.

Education City is a fantastic learning tool for children to use both inside and outside of school. Class teachers can set children homework tasks  to complete at home and children can share what they have been learning at school with parents and family.