Grammar Hammer

Fortnightly on a Friday, every child in Year 1 to Year 6 will take a ‘Grammar Hammer’ test. Grammar is an important part of our English language and features heavily within the ‘New Literacy Curriculum’ and affects the overall achievement and progress of children’s writing. So it is essential, that both school and home support every child to achieve fortnightly weekly ‘Grammar Hammer’ scores and that these new grammar features are then evident in the children’s writing.

There is a test linked to what is expected at the end of each year group. For example, Year 1 children are expected to have covered, learnt and be applying within their writing what is covered in the Stage 1 test. Year 4 children the Stage 4 and so on.

 Even though it is expected that each child will be working at the stage related to their year group (e.g. a Y2 child on Stage 2), we want all our children to work on the Stage which most suits their ability. This may mean your child is working on the Stage below what is expected for their age (e.g. a Y2 child working on Stage 1). If this is the case, your child will be getting extra support in school to enable them to catch up to the Stage they are expected to be on. Doing extra work at home, using the Grammar Hammer tests on our school website, will help your child catch up quicker.

 The children’s ‘Grammar Hammer’ scores will now be marked with the following traffic light system:

grammer hammer table
Your child will put ‘GH’ and score within their diaries alternative Fridays, starting Week 2, to inform you of their ‘Grammar Hammer’ score.

We hope you can support your child to learn the new grammar expectations for their year group and understand the importance of using these grammar features within their writing in all subjects within school.  If your child does not learn the grammar features taught then this will seriously impact on their progress and attainment within writing.

 We thank you for your continuing support with your child’s education.

If you would like to see how we test each stage and even try a test yourself, please click on the PDFs below:

Stage 1 Check 1 Stage 1 Check 1 – Answers

Stage 2 Check 1 Stage 2 Check 1 – Answers

Stage 3 Check 1 – Answers Stage 3 Check 1 – Answers1

Stage 4 Check 1 Stage 4 Check 1 – Answers

Stage 5 Check 1 Stage 5 Check 1 – Answers

Stage 6 Check 1 Stage 6 Check 1 – Answers