Maths Working Walls

Unlike traditional wall displays, working walls are interactive and can be used to record, visualise and assist learning.

Maths Working Walls allow children to see written methods for calculations, while absorbing the mathematical language used in a particular area of the subject. They are interactive and include differentiated challenges for children so that learning is extended for children of all abilities.

“I like explaining how to solve different problems.” … Danny Else Y5

Features included on the Maths Working Wall in Early Years: 

  1. Learning Outcomes.
  2. Links to Number and Shape, Space and Measures.
  3. The Three Aims (1.) Fluency 2.) Reasoning 3.) Problem Solving).
  4. Interactive Number line.
  5. Mathematical vocabulary.

Features included on the Maths Working Wall in Years 1 to 6:

  1. Learning Outcomes.
  2. The Three Aims (with fluency, reasoning and problem solving highlighted in each one).
  3. The Times Tables in which the children are currently working on.
  4. Modelling of the current Maths leaning (including Mental Arithmetic).
  5. A Maths problem related to the current topic.

Examples of Working Walls across School

Nursery REC Year1
ViviLnk ViviLnk ViviLnk
Y43 HOB -cropped Y4 use Y5 SD- cropped

“The Working Walls are great for helping me with my learning.

I know I can find the method of how to solve lots of different problems.” … Mia Kelly