Our Curriculum

At Golborne Community Primary School we aim to ensure our children are immersed in a curriculum which is rich in transferable skills; enables our children to develop a great knowledge of the past and prepares them well for the future. Therefore, our curriculum prioritises ALL curriculum subjects. This is because we know that long term, deeper knowledge grows when links are made between concepts, which build on prior knowledge and are applied in different contexts. This will mean that our children become lifelong learners and our curriculum promotes the best outcomes for our children.

The curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 but is personalised to meet the needs of our pupils and to reinforce our values curriculum.

Each phase follows an overarching theme every term. See Long Term Plans below. Each subject provides opportunities for our pupils to be immersed in learning in the context of their theme.  High quality and challenging texts are used as a focus for English teaching for ALL pupils. These are related to the overarching theme. This enables pupils to be familiar with the context of their reading, enabling deeper study and development of vocabulary.  Writing opportunities are provided across all subjects. Effective timetabling ensures there is enough time for teachers to deliver the lessons and create opportunity for in depth learning.  Lessons are planned to provide high quality learning opportunities that focus on skill progression.  Children will use quality, up to-date, age appropriate resources to support their learning such as Letters and Sounds phonic scheme in Key Stage 1. Each theme begins with a launch event; this is usually a trip or a visitor.  The following subjects are taught weekly, with links to the over- arching theme where this enhances learning: – English (including reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation) – Maths – Religious Education – Physical Education – Computing and Science.  Throughout each key stage all curriculum subjects are taught throughout the year to the highest standard to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum.

National Curriculum

Please click this link to view the National Curriculum. This is the statutory primary national curriculum, including programmes of study and attainment targets for all subjects at key stages 1 and 2. Our school follows the National Curriculum and also provides our children with a curriculum, specifically for our wonderful children in Golborne.


Teachers continually assess pupils learning against the learning outcomes in every subject. They provide feedback to pupils to ensure outstanding progress is made. Each session has a pink challenge to deepen learning and aid the teacher’s assessment for learning.  This on-going assessment is used alongside specific year group attainment descriptors to inform termly teacher assessment judgments. This is monitored on Target Tracker by the Curriculum Standards Team which is led by the Deputy Headteacher.  Assessment information for all subjects is collected and rigorously analysed by ‘The Curriculum Standards Team’ and the Senior Leadership Team. This informs School Improvement Planning.

Take a look at our wonderful curriculum displays showcasing the children’s learning.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

Please click to visit our Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

Our Curriculum

ICT and Computing

Computing Long Term Plan


Stage 1 Science Long Term Plan

Stage 2 Science Long Term Plan

Stage 3 Science Long Term Plan

Stage 4 Science Long Term Plan

Stage 5 Science Long Term Plan

Stage 6 Science Long Term Plan

Please click the links below to view our Foundation Subject long term plans for this academic year.

Key Stage 1 yearly long term plan

Lower Key Stage 2 yearly long term plan

Upper Key Stage 2 yearly long term plan 

Religious Education and Diversity Long Term Plan

Please click on the link below to see our full two year curriculum cycle.

Foundation Subjects Long Term Plan

Our Values Curriculum

Each half term we have a focus on a British value.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2








Golborne Community Primary School’s Top 10 Experiences for Our Children

 Visit the theatre

Grow your own vegetables

Visit a religious building

Watch a live sporting event

Travel abroad

Visit a bank to learn about saving money

Visit a castle

Eat in a restaurant

Feel sand between your toes

Discover what is in a pond