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Why do parents/carers choose the Childcare Vouchers scheme?

Simply because it helps to reduce the cost of childcare.  Childcare Vouchers are an employee benefit available to all eligible working parents/carers.

A parent/carer can swap up to £243 of their salary each month for Childcare Vouchers, but because they are free of tax and National Insurance contributions they save money – up to £933 per parent/carer, per year, which could be a saving of £1,866 if both parents/carers join the scheme.

Registering your Childcare Voucher provider with us:

In order for school to accept payments from your choice of Childcare Voucher provider, parents/carers must inform the school of the provider they use, so that we can register our ‘Out of School Club’.

So far, here are the Childcare Voucher providers that we have already registered to:

Employers for Childcare Charitable Group –

Computershare Voucher Services –

 Fideliti Childcare Vouchers –

Edenred Childcare Vouchers – 

Please email school at:

to let us know which Childcare Voucher scheme you use and we will register immediately.