Our Ethos & Quotes

Our constant aim is to facilitate children’s learning in a warm, encouraging and respectful community existing in a quality and stimulating environment.

Our ethos relies heavily on the concept of independent learning and self-discipline. We hope to develop in all children the desire to learn and the ability to apply their knowledge. At the same time we want to help each child find the self-esteem and confidence that are so necessary to live a full and happy life.

Through first-hand experiences and subsequent understanding, we wish to cultivate in all our children not only the need to learn but also a pride in their work, respect for their surroundings and good relationships with others at home and at school.

‘Enjoy each day as we learn along the way’

Mr A. Hunt – Headteacher


Golborne Community School Video

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Children’s quotes:

“I enjoyed the O.O.S.C because I made Christmas things and played with play dough.” Teddy Dean Y2/1

“I liked using the iPads and the play dough.” Teddy Dean Y2/1

“I’ve never had scotch pancakes before but I really enjoyed them at morning club. Also I got star of the day for playing dodgeball”Agata Urbanowicz Y2

“I like being entertained all the time”Euan Garrett Y2

“I got star of the day certificate for getting the most bull’s eye in archery at morning club”Poppy Touhey Rec2

“The food at after school club is gorgeous”Jake Hartley Rec2

Parent/Carer comments:

‘I would like to let you know how much Ethan is enjoying Breakfast club.  I had initially only thought I would use it on an ad-hoc basis however after his trial days before Christmas I have let the staff know I will be using it at least 3 times per week.  I don’t actually need it as I can take him to school before work each day but the enjoyment Ethan gets from going is worth the extra outlay.’

Each day he comes home saying what he has done – Dodgeball, Crafts, Archery!!!  I even want to go.

I must also say how welcoming, chatty, polite and informative the staff are.

Well done for setting this club up and long may it continue.

Mrs Martindale

What can I say – you score again (not like Wales in the Rugby the other day!)!!!!

Ethan had a fantastic time at Holiday Club. Each day he went he was running to get there and dragging his feet coming home! As it was an extra outlay that we don’t usually have, we had to consider how many days to send Ethan, but seeing his face each day only cemented the great time he was having and how much it was worth the money. We had initially thought it would be for 2 days but it turned into 5. I can spend more than £15 at a play barn for a few hours and that is no where near as much fun as Holiday club (Ethan’s words!).

The weather wasn’t great so knowing he was having a great time and being active was a peace of mind but when the sun did decide to come out they also got time outside playing. Ethan made new friends within the school aswell.

A huge special mention should go to Mylo and the team.  To engage children like they did was brilliant – I can even play Scooby Doo now!  As you can see from the attached photo, Ethan was very happy.

I do hope people use the Holiday Club so it can carry on.  Even if they only use it for a day their child will get so much from it (and like Ethan they will want to go more often).

Mrs Martindale