Parents’ Suggestions

We welcome ideas and suggestions about how to make the school even better. Here are some examples of how we have acted upon parents’ suggestions:

We asked:
“What are we doing well?”
Parents said:
“Making learning enjoyable for the children”
“Giving positive encouragement”
“Mr Hunt is at the gate welcoming parents and pupils”
“Motivating children to work towards a pen licence”
“Listening to feedback from parents and introducing changes”

You said:
“We would like more feedback about our child’s progress”
“More information on progress”
We did:
We introduced a mid-year review at parents’ evening.

You said:
“More parties to raise funds and fayres”
“More fun activities”
We did:
We introduced Golborne’s Got Talent, the summer and Christmas fayres and regular dressing up days such as World Book Day, Ramping Up The Red and Be A Hero.

Golborne’s Got Talent

“ You may have changed someone’s life! Confidence has been built today! Thank you.”

“ It was all brilliant! No need to improve.”

“All acts were fantastic. So hard to choose a winner.”

“ Really enjoyed the variety of acts. Very entertaining. Children enjoyed themselves.”