Class Blogs

In each class at Golborne Community Primary School we have a blog. We have our own username and password to log onto our class blog. We use it to show off and celebrate the things we do in class and to show off our amazing writers. Click the links below to view them.

Our aim is to share our amazing learning adventure with family and friends around the world. It has been proven that children can improve their writing through blogging – as they have a real audience and purpose to write for. Our blogs will also have educational and fun links for pupils to use.

Children in Golborne Community Primary School will be given more detailed internet safety lessons and will then be given their own usernames and passwords, so that they can write their own posts as well as comment. Each class teacher will be the administrator for their own class’s blog.

No posts or comments will be published without an administrator checking it first. However, teachers will not correct all the children’s spelling before publishing – it is important that the children are encouraged to edit and improve their own work, rather than rely on teachers to correct it for them.


  • Use your nickname, not your real name.
  • Keep safe – don’t reveal any personal information or personal photos.
  • Write in correct, standard English – including capital letters, good grammar and punctuation.
  • No text talk. Please write in full sentences and use proper punctuation. Make sure you double check your comments carefully before submitting them.
  • Be polite – don’t post anything that could hurt anyone.
  • Always show respect towards other people and their work – be positive if you are going comment. Why not try using Two Stars and a Wish? That’s two things you really like about their work and one thing that you wish they would do next time to make it even better.
  • Make sure you work is your own – don’t copy from other sites – you can link the site in your post, if you think others will find it useful.
  • Keep your passwords safe. Don’t give them to anyone. If you think someone else knows it, tell your teacher immediately.
  • Remember, even if you post from home, these rules still apply.
  • Enjoy blogging!

All posts and comments are checked before they are published.

Click the links below to see our blogs.


 Teachers: Log into Kidblog here

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