Lead Learner




Reception 1 Sofia Burns For independently solving word problems all about halving. Fantastic effort
Reception 2 Lucas Forrest For super effort in maths
Year 1 Henry Parkinson For showing pride in his story about the zoo in literacy
Year 2/1 Annabelle Ganley For trying very hard to complete her science assessment and getting full marks
Year 2 Keeley Fitzmartin For always trying hard and earning her pen licence
Year 3 Corban Bradley-Blakemore For trying hard in all his work and tests this week
Year 4/3 Ethan Evans For getting full marks in his science assessment
Year 4 Alissa Symons For always taking pride in her work and showing ambition
Year 5 Lexi Nechita-Williams For putting 100% effort into her assessments all week
Year 6/5 Beth Sparks For explaining the circulatory systems
Year 6 Harrison Dean For an outstanding attitude to improving his writing