Pupil Voice

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Our Pupil Voice Governor, Mrs Else, began asking the children their views on the school in 2014.

Children are asked to attend short question and answer sessions in small groups outside the classroom. Mrs Else asks the children their views on issues from safeguarding to their favourite maths lessons.

Pupil Voice has impacted on the children and the running of the school. Here’s how Mrs Else feels the sessions have made a difference:

“Children find me easy to talk to; they can open up about issues affecting them without being distracted by other children. They find me approachable and love that they are being listened to and their opinions are being valued. They want to help the school to get better.

“Pupil Voice has improved the children’s speaking and listening skills. Their vocabulary is growing as they learn and they are more confident when speaking to adults about their opinions.

“One thing that has come across recently is the children’s love of learning. They don’t just talk¬†about what they’ve learned, but they know why they have been taught it and what effect this will have on their future. The children have high aspirations and have spoken to me about going to college and university. They want to continue learning and know the benefits of a good education.”

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