Pupil Comments

What do our children think of lessons?

“All of the learning has got a lot harder and I am learning a lot more
and I am feeling more confident.”

“I enjoy learning new things and uplevelling my work every day.”

“The Three Aims in maths are to understand what we are doing,
understand the answers and not be shy… prove it!”

“We did tag rugby in PE. It was fun. We also played badminton. We played tennis and basketball.”

“I enjoy learning new things in maths because I enjoy being challenged. I do it because
I want good grades, a good job and I want to go to university.”

What do our children think of the wider school?

“My school is fantastic because everyone works to the best of their ability.”

“I like that the school has been painted, it looks better.”

“Our library is helping us much more to educate us in reading.”

“I think that the outside Phonics Garden is very nice, and it makes a difference
in lots of people’s achievements.”

“I like my school because I enjoy each day as I learn along the way.”

“The best thing about GCP is:
1) Teachers have permission to give us more help.
2) We have better utensils to help our education.
3) Several items have been taken down to prevent accidents.
4) We have a better selection of healthy foods.
5) You can make friends easily because everyone’s polite.”

What do our children think of behaviour in school?

“I like to be chosen for the top table because it means that I have used my manners and good behaviour in the dinner hall.”

“I think it is quite good because everyone is sensible in school.”

“People treat me with respect.”

“I like to sit on the top table because I can choose a friend to sit with me. I chose my cousin.”

“The behaviour chart has a super star, sunshine, rainbow and cloud.”

“We have e-safety rules for us to be safe.”