Lead Learner



Reception 1 Elias Griffiths For super writing all about his Easter holiday.
Reception 2 Daisy Walker For making a fantastic start to all of her work in Reception.
Year 1 Lucas Dermott For trying his best to improve his writing in literacy.
Year 2/1 Ben MacDonald For recognising different ways that you can make money amounts.
Year 2 Lewis Forster For fantastic work in science, identifying the different parts of plants.
Year 3 Jacob Bryan Trying hard to complete all work to an improved quality.
Year 4/3 Cerys Seddon Excellent effort telling the time in maths.
Year 4 Olivia Howarth For recognising key features of language in a text and completing some brilliant SPAG work.
Year 5 Matthew Bleakley For fantastic work partitioning decimal numbers.
Year 6/5 Dino Loizou For working hard to improve her maths score.
Year 6 Shaun O’Callaghan Taking pride with his working out in maths.