Lead Learner


Reception 1 Tia Markland For working extra hard in Maths, counting backwards from 20 and forming all of her numbers correctly.
Reception 2 Noah Brookes-Morris For concentrating and completing work independently.
Year 1 Ruby Mae Richards For excellent writing in Literacy.
Year 2/1 Finlay Fletcher For trying really hard when working out division and multiplication word0 problems.
Year 2 Joshua Edwards For scoring full marks in his reading comprehension.
Year 3 Casey Young For fantastic work on money in Maths.
Year 4/3 Abdullah Abdalkhaliq For fantastic work converting measures.
Year 4 Olivia Howarth For amazing understanding in a very challenging Guided Reading.
Year 5 Bradley Keegan For fantastic work investigating open and closed circuits in Science.
Year 6/5 Larrance Watson-Jones For a ‘Working at’ reading scaled score. Well done!
Year 6 Keaton Cooper For fantastic reasoning skills shown in every subject.