Lead Learner


Year 1

Talisha Knight She always wants to complete every piece of work to the best of her ability.

Year 2/1

Paige Armstrong-Mclaughlin For doing outstanding Maths work.

Year 2

Taylar Litherland For recognising the value of each digit in a 3 digit number.

Year 3

Joe Smith For always doing the right thing and being ready to learn.

Year 4/3

Shaun Bendelow For working hard to try new challenges in all lessons.

Year 4

Lola Collard For impressive division work in Maths.

Year 5

Rosie Simm Fantastic perseverance with her bus stop method.

Year 6/5

Louie Anderson For using a  ‘3 bad –‘  question sentence in Literacy

Year 6

Cameron Schofield For being a good role model in Y6