Value Champion of the Week


Reception 1 Emelia Fairclough For always being respectful to teachers.
Reception 2 Leo Widdall For always showing respect during lessons.
Year 1 Lola Walker For showing resilience in her new class and making new friends.
Year 2/1 Grace Mills For showing respect to adults and children all the time.
Year 2 Dominic Keegan For showing ambition by earning his pen.
Year 3 Amelia Grace Wickson Always being respectful to other children and staff.
Year 4/3 George Simpson Showing respect to his teachers and peers – well done George!
Year 4 Harvey Dean For showing ambition in sports and being respectful and kind to his team mates.
Year 5 Molly Hart Always showing respect to all staff and children in school.
Year 6/5 Hannah Banks For always being respectful to staff.
Year 6 Harrison Dean Showing respect to all aspects of his learning.