Value Champion of the Week


Year 1

Ellie Johnson For always trying her best, even if the work is tricky, she shows RESILIENCE.

Year 2/1

Andrew Walsh For showing RESILIENCE in Science.

Year 2

Kadie-Lee Greenfield For showing AMBITION during Guided Reading interventions.

Year 3

Corban Bradley-Blakemore For showing RESILIENCE by going swimming.

Year 4/3

Lucas Berry For having an ambitious attitude to all his work.

Year 4

Samantha Bradbury Amazing AMBITION in all lessons and great RESILIENCE.

Year 5

Tyler Oglesby-Lowe Showing PRIDE and AMBITION in every piece of work he completes.

Year 6/5

Noah Forster For showing RESILIENCE in Maths.

Year 6

Caitlin Entwistle For showing AMBITION when applying  for the role of School Ambassador.