Value Champion of the Week


Year 1

Dylan Potkin For always showing RESPECT and good manners to everyone in school.

Year 2/1

Annabelle Ganley For showing RESPECT and always doing the right thing.

Year 2

Niyah Rutter For showing RESILIENCE during all lessons.

Year 3

Rosie-Leigh Furnival For always being a caring friend and showing EMPATHY.

Year 4/3

Megan McLeish For being polite and RESPECTFUL to all staff in school.

Year 4

Olivia Howarth Always having a positive attitude and showing AMBITION.

Year 5


Year 6/5

McKenzie Schoelzel For always being HELPFUL.

Year 6

Jack Crossley For showing RESILIENCE in a difficult lesson.

Year 6 Leavers

Emily Bamford For showing PATIENCE in completing a given task.