Value Champion of the Week


Reception 1 April Jones For showing EMPATHY by always being kind to her friends.
Reception 2 Felix Murray For showing EMPATHY to children who don’t have much.
Year 1 Lexi May Hughes For always being PATIENT and showing PRIDE in her work.
Year 2/1 Sophie Fellows For showing EMPATHY by working nicely with her friends in group activities.
Year 2 Lewis Forster For always showing EMPATHY towards others.
Year 3 Bronson Byrne Showing RESILIENCE when practising handwriting.
Year 4/3 Caitlyn Wood For showing PRIDE in her work across all subjects.
Year 4 Grace Regan For always taking PRIDE in her work and being extremely AMBITIOUS.
Year 5 Hollie Newman For showing PRIDE and AMBITION in her presentation of all books.
Year 6/5 Laila Maoudj For taking great PRIDE in her writing.
Year 6 William Butcher For showing RESILIENCE when solving BIDMAS calculations.