Work of the Week


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Year 1



Year 2/1

Ben McDonald has been fantastic this week in Maths completing addition calculations and he has also been creating his own calculations and solving these. Well Done Ben.

Ben MacDonald

 Year 2

Niyah Rutter has written a fantastic character description using 2A sentences, correct capital letters and fullstops.

Niyah Rutter Y2

Year 3

Zoey Young has written an instructional text about a magical dream and has also gained her pen licence this week.

Zoey Young Y3

Year 4/3

In Year 4/3 we have been learning column subtraction with exchanging. Agata Urbanowicz has had a wonderful, positive attitude and has produced some fantastic work – well done Agata!

Agata Urbanowicz Y43

Year 4



Year 5



Year 6/5

Callie Dandy had worked very hard to complete all her 15 mental arithmetic questions in the 15 minutes and to a high standard. Well done Callie.

Callie Dandy 65

Year 6

Emma Kearney has produced a beautifully presented piece of writing about different types of nouns.

Emma Kearney Y6

Year 6 Leavers