Work of the Week

23/03/2018 – Work of the Week

Between this week and the end of term each classes ‘Work of the Week’ will be chosen from the homework that children complete.

Please click on the photos below to see our work of the week!

Reception 1

Elias Griffiths

 Elias has worked very hard to write his sentences following the text map for The Little Red Hen story and he continued the story independently. Well done Elias!

 Rec 1 Elias Griffiths

Reception 2

Shannon Hill

This week in literacy, reception have been looking at ‘The Little Red Hen’ story. Shannon was able to follow the text map we made and produced a lovely piece of work doing her best handwriting. Well Done Shannon!

rec 2 Shannon Hill

 Year 1

William Wilson

William identified and named a variety of mammals and birds. He was also able to tell us what a reptile was. Well done William!

 Y1 William Wilson

Year 2/1

Finlay Fletcher

 Finlay has been working very hard to improve his handwriting. This week, during Literacy Finlay has taken Pride in his writing ensuring that he has included the correct punctuation and ensured his letters are all formed correctly. Great work Finlay.

 Y2.1 Finlay Fletcher

Year 2

Olivia Southworth


Year 3

Bailey Blackledge

Bailey always tries super hard with his Maths homework. Super work!

Y3 Bailey Blackedge

Year 4/3

Scarlett Rodger

 Scarlett has written a fantastic story in her Science lesson, describing the journey of a piece of food through the digestive system. She has used excellent scientific vocabulary as well as a range of fronted adverbials – well done Scarlett!

Y4.3 - Scarlett Rodger

Year 4


Year 5

Rosie Simm

Year 6/5

Dino Loizou

 Well done Dino for text marking efficiently in your Maths homework, which allowed you to complete the work to a high standard. Keep it up Dino!

Y65 Dino Loizou

Year 6

Caitlan Entwistle

 Caitlan has worked really hard on her homework this week, working on finding the decimal intervals on a number line. She beat the target of 17/19 with 100%. Excellent effort Caitlan!

Y6 Caitlan Entwistle